Glowing reviews let any buyer who visits your shop know that tons of happy customers have come before them—and shoppers often rely on reviews when deciding whether to make a purchase. We analyzed reviews on Custom Wigs Mart to see what kinds of words shoppers used to describe the item and their experience. As you might expect, many reviewers mention how much they “love” the custom wig they purchased and how “perfect” the items fit and look for them. But when shoppers write about their experience making a purchase in their reviews, they often mention three important factors:

  • Quality: The item they received matched or exceeded their expectations. It was made from the materials they expected, its size was accurate, and the craftsmanship was just superb.
  • Customer service: Shoppers mention the great customer service they received—and the extra-special touches that they can only find on Custom Wigs Mart.
  • Shipping: When they make a purchase on Custom Wigs Mart, shoppers want to know that their orders will arrive on time. Shoppers frequently talk about shipping or delivery in their reviews.

Based on that research, here are a few things you can do in your shop that could lead to positive reviews.

Use your listing description to answer shoppers’ questions

Your listing description is a chance to show off your personality and highlight what makes your products unique, but it should also cover all the “nuts and bolts” type of information a customer would need to understand exactly what they’re purchasing. Be sure to include:

  • Detailed wig measurements so shoppers know the item will work for them.
  • A description of the materials used.
  • Any notes about what is or is not included in their purchase.

Showcase your product from all sides

Product photography can also help you give shoppers the information they need and close-up shots to help shoppers understand the texture.

Include photos of your item’s best features. Check out the Ultimate Guide to Product Photography for more tips.

Set expectations with a clear buyers policy

A clear buyers policy can give potential shoppers confidence in the level of customer service they’ll receive from you. It’s a small way to say “I’m here to help.” If you wrote your own shop policies, you can add Custom Wigs Mart’s return policy template to your existing shop policies—they’re short and to the point. Just toggle the buttons on or off to select the options that work for you.

Respond to messages quickly

When shoppers have questions about your products, they want answers right away. Set aside sometime each day for responding to questions.

Want to respond even faster? Saved snippets let you save bits of text for future Conversations so you spend less time retyping the same messages. When you’re writing your message, just click the saved snippet icon to create a new snippet or add an existing snippet to your message.

You can also cut down on the number of messages you receive about custom orders by turning on the personalization field. That way, shoppers can send you their personalization details upfront when they check out.

Let shoppers know when their item will be delivered

Shoppers often mention shipping time in their reviews. Keep them happy by setting clear expectations upfront. When shoppers have the information they need, they can relax knowing their order will arrive when they need it.

Update your shipping profile settings with your preferred shipping carrier and mail classes for different destinations and shipping upgrades. Based on your listing’s set processing time and shipping carriers, we’ll show shoppers an estimated date range of when their items should arrive. If you use Calculated Shipping, we’ll show an estimated delivery date range automatically; there’s nothing you need to do.

Including tracking information when you mark an item as shipped puts the power to track in your customer’s hands—they can check their email and see exactly where their order is at any time.

Ship on time

Always ship orders on time. If things get hectic or circumstances you can’t control mean an order is going to go out later than planned, send a personal note to the buyer to let them know what’s changed. We use the processing times you set for each listing to determine the ship-by date. Update your processing times to accurately reflect your workflow and set clear expectations with shoppers.

Surprise and delight with thoughtful touches

Shopping on Custom Wigs Mart is different because each purchase is supporting an individual entrepreneur—you! Let your customers know how much you appreciate their business with a handwritten thank-you note and pretty packaging.

Those little touches that show you went above and beyond will make them smile and could positively influence their review.

Send a thank-you coupon

Saying thanks is a nice way to put a finishing touch on a shopper’s experience, and to keep your shop top of mind the next time they need a custom wig.

Create a thank-you coupon to automatically send your customers an email with a coupon code after their order is complete. It’s a special touch that just might inspire them to leave a great review—and to make another purchase in the near future.

What do you do in your shop that leads to great reviews? Share your ideas in the comments below.