How to Revive Synthetic Hair
03 Jun

How to Revive Synthetic Hair

Revive synthetic hair: We all know just how exasperating it can be when our synthetic hair gets hard and tangled, leaving one giant mess to deal with. Unfortunately, quality synthetic hair does not come cheap, and it would be a loss to simply toss it out. Nevertheless, the good news is that if the structure of the wig/weave is still very much in good shape, you may be able to salvage the hair. So, instead of buying a new wig every time it gets tangled, you can revive your synthetic hair to return its typical lush and shine by following the steps outlined below.

Brush the Hair Out

Whether the synthetic hair is a wig or weave, you need to give it a very good brush out. Place the hair on a wig stand if you have one, if you don’t, you can lay it on a flat surface. Begin to detangle the hair gently by brushing it out. It is important to do this when the hair is dry because you can create a bald spot on your wig if you brush it when it’s wet.

Wash the Hair

After brushing the hair and detangling it, the next thing to do is wash it. Fill your sink or a mid-sized bowl with cold water, add a little amount of shampoo and immerse your hair in it. Allow it to soak for some minutes to remove all the dirt, dust and sweat which have accumulated in the hair. Using only your hands, wash your hair gently, concentrating on the nape area which usually has the most dirt because it is in constant contact with your neck.

Rinse & Condition

Rinse out the hair thoroughly until all the traces of shampoo have come out. The best way to rinse your synthetic hair is running water from the top down, to keep it from getting tangled up again while wet. When rinsing, avoid rubbing the strands together; simply run your hand through while rinsing to get all the soap out and also prevent it from tangling. After rinsing, add a quality leave-in hair conditioner, such as the Unlock Hair Detangler, to smoothen and soften the hair and prevent it losing it silkiness. Then rinse the hair again.

Add Hair Conditioner

After the final rinse, wrap the hair in a towel or leave it hanging to reduce the moisture in it. Then style the hair while it’s still moist to give it a more defined structure, and prevent it from fraying and looking frizzy. Also, when styling, make sure that you use quality hair products, such as the Curl Revive, which activates curls in curly hair.

Hang to Dry

After rinsing, hang your hair to dry. Do not dry the hair out in the sun, as this can destroy your hair. You can use your shower head to hang your hair overnight. When you are sure it is dry, use a brush to smoothen the hair. If your synthetic hair can take some heat, you can use a low heat iron to style it some more.

Not all synthetic hair should be thrown out, simply because they’re old and tangled. If you follow the outlined steps above, you can definitely revive your old and tangled synthetic hair. You can also watch this detailed video, to fully understand how to revive your synthetic hair. For more useful hair tips, do subscribe to our YouTube Channel or like our Facebook Page.